Þòrbjörn Súr
Character in Gísla saga
Born Stokkar, Súrnadal, Norway
Died Sæból, Haukadal, Iceland
Spouse Þóra Rauðsdóttir
Parents Þorkell Skerauki, Ísgerð
Siblings Ari, Gísli
Children Þórdís, Þorkell, Gísli, Ari

Þòrbjörn Súr ("Whey;" real name Þorkelsson) was a farmer from Norway and Gísli Súrsson's father. After his brother Ari was killed at the hands of Björn the Black and his brother Gísli was killed by the slave Kol, Þòrbjörn inherited his family's farm at Stokkar. There, he married Þóra, the daughter of Rauð, and they had four children: Þórdís, Þorkell, Gísli and Ari.

There was a rumor that a man named Bárð had seduced Þórdís, an insult to the entire family. Gísli killed Bárð and later his relative Skeggi the Duellist, leading Skeggi's sons Einar and Árni to seek revenge. They came to Stokkar in the night and burned it to the ground; Þòrbjörn and his sons managed to escape by dousing the flames with goats' hides soaked with whey, leading to Þòrbjörn's new nickname. After getting his revenge on Einar and Árni and their accomplices with the help of his sons, Þòrbjörn travelled to Iceland. There he built a farm called Sæból in the Haukadal. He died there peacefully some time later with Þóra, and the farm passed to his sons.


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