Auð Vésteinsdottir
Gisle med Aud och Gudrid
Auð, depicted in a very silly hat, with her husband Gísli and foster-daughter Guðríð.
Character in Gísla saga
Spouse Gísli Súrsson
Parents Vésteinn Végeirsson, Hild Bjartmársdottir
Siblings Vésteinn
Children Guðríð (foster-daughter)

Auð Vésteinsdottir was Gísli Súrsson's devoted and long-suffering wife and the sister of his best friend, Vésteinn. She followed Gísli into outlawry, standing by him during his final stand against Eyjólf Þórðarson and his men, even wounding a few with a club. She was generally a pretty tough lady.


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