Main CharactersEdit

  • Gísli Súrsson (Þòrbjörnson). The tragic hero of the story, Gísli kills Þorgrím in retaliation for his suspected murder of Vésteinn, setting the events of the saga in motion.
  • Vésteinn Vésteinsson. Gisli's best friend and brother-law and Auð's brother; murdered in his sleep for his suspected infidelity.
  • Þorgrím Þorsteinsson. Gisli's brother-in-law and suspected murderer of Vésteinn; murdered by Gísli in revenge.
  • Þórdís Súrsdóttir (Þòrbjörnsdottir.) Gísli's sister, married to Þorgrím and later Bork. Urges Bork to get revenge on Gísli for his murder of Þorgrím.
  • Bork Þorsteinsson. Gísli's brother-in-law, Þorgrím's brother and Þórdís's second husband, who pursues Gísli to avenge Þorgrím's death.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Gisli's Family & HouseholdEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


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